The biggest cybersecurity risks to any organisation come from its people. Whilst your workforce is your most valuable asset, they also open the door to numerous security threats which could harm your business network, the integrity of the data you hold and your future success.

The global Coronavirus crisis has highlighted how would-be attackers donate hesitate to take advantage of people’s fears and craving for the latest news and advice.

To help protect you, your business and your unsuspecting colleagues from these risks BitDefender has introduced a new tool which aims analyse user actions and identify behaviours which pose a security risk to your business or the user themselves. Human Risk Analytics, an extraordinary addition to GravityZone, shines a spotlight on an area of cybersecurity which formerly posed a blind spot to your security team.

Worried about your cybersecurity in these ever-changing and uncertain times?

Talk to us today about how tools like GravityZone and user training can help you rest easier and secure your business against these growing threats.

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