Securing your business network has always taken a layered approach, underpinned by creating a secure internet perimeter around your office locations.

As people now adjust to working away from the office, cyber criminals are seeking to exploit these changes and seek out new vulnerabilities.

To underline this increase in security threats, in an almost unprecedented act, the Government issued an alert on 8th April this year, warning people to be vigilant to the increased activity of phishing and other cyber-attacks. Not only does this show the significant increase in attacks but also highlights the key component that makes businesses vulnerable.

In order to keep up with these changes, security teams must quickly adjust. The first step is to provide users with secure connectivity to all of the systems and data stores they need to get their jobs done. But on top of that, security should also include policies and practices that keep data safe as workers interact with it.  Remote working means that it is more important than ever to ensure that your colleagues have the right training and toolset at their disposal to identify potential bad actors and to take appropriate actions when they do. That training is an ongoing process and needs to adapt to the changing nature of cyber security threats.

Don’t get caught out – talk to us today to ensure that you have the right training arrangements in place – that will protect your people and in turn your vital business data.

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