Some RED Flags to look out for:-

Red Flag: Constant upselling and pressure to purchase additional services, even when they may not align with the client’s requirements.
Why It Matters: A sales-centric approach can lead to unnecessary expenses and strained relationships.

Red Flag: Communication dwindles once the sale is made, and support becomes scarce.
Why It Matters: A good MSP maintains ongoing relationships, offering consistent support and addressing evolving needs.

Red Flag: Focusing solely on short-term gains without considering the client’s strategic objectives.
Why It Matters: An MSP should align its services with the client’s long-term vision for sustainable growth.

Red Flag: Making grand promises during sales but failing to meet expectations.
Why It Matters: Trust erodes when clients feel misled or disappointed.

Red Flag: Hiding pricing details, contract terms, or potential limitations.
Why It Matters: Transparency builds trust, and clients deserve clear information upfront.

Remember, a client-focused MSP prioritises relationships, understands client needs, and aims for mutual success. Look out for these signs to ensure you partner with an MSP that truly values your business!

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