Protect Microsoft 365 Email With Proofpoint Essentials

Small to mid-sized companies are easy targets for cybercriminals because they are generally protected by less sophisticated software or lack sufficient protection. Our research has indicated that businesses relying on standard Microsoft 365 security are specifically targeted.

Proofpoint Essentials offers critical security capabilities that complement Microsoft 365, such as protection against advanced threats, including email fraud and ransomware attacks. It also automatically detects and secures sensitive information emailed from Microsoft 365 leaving the organisation.

Top Reasons to Choose Proofpoint Essentials With Microsoft 365

Proofpoint Essentials Threat Protection uses the same level of security that powers most of the Fortune 100, the most security-conscious companies in the world. So you get the protection 
you need for your most significant security risk—your people.
Proofpoint is more effective than Microsoft 365 in blocking spam, viruses and malicious content like attachments and web links. Proofpoint consistently secures hundreds of malicious emails not detected by native Microsoft 365 security. In addition to providing better protection for your business, Proofpoint creates significant operational savings of approximately £25,000/year for an SMB organisation.
Proofpoint protects customers against business email compromise (BEC) or email fraud. This is the costliest threat faced by businesses of all sizes.
Essentials is deployed quickly and works seamlessly with Microsoft 365. It further protects customers against any outages in Microsoft 365 with a 30-day email continuity feature 
Essentials include Social Media Protection to protect your entire organisation.

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