Still using ISDN services? The big switch off is coming. This is what you need to know.

In 2015, BT announced that they would switch off ISDN services in 2025 and stop selling new ISDN connections in 2020.

Introduced in 1986 as a means of delivering high-quality services over outdated infrastructure, it revolutionised business communications systems by providing better quality voice calls and faster, more reliable data access.

However, this ageing system has been unable to compete with new technology, and along with the rising costs of maintaining it, it has become uneconomic for BT to continue operating the service into the distant future.

Terminating the ISDN service is likely to affect 2 million customers. Are you one of them and what should you do if you’re still on an ISDN line?

If your current ISDN phone contract is due for renewal soon, it might be worth looking at what alternatives are available to you. Switching to a VoIP solution will likely save you money as well as giving you numerous other benefits by including the ability to take calls on your fixed-line telephone number virtually anywhere you have an internet connection.

With our partner SoConnect we can help transition you to a replacement system and giving you the benefits of a modern, flexible and cost-effective telephony for your business.

Talk to us about how we can use innovative technology like this to keep you communicating with your colleagues and customers.

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