Bitdefender’s Hyper Detect and Sandbox solution provide a sophisticated extra level of cyber defence.

Hyper Detect contains machine learning models and stealth attack detection technology. It is an additional layer of security specifically designed to detect advanced attacks and suspicious activities in the pre-execution stage by blocking threats before they’re executed.

Sandboxing allows the system to take suspicious files and run them in a contained, virtual environment. Where malicious software is detected the software can analyse what it is trying to do and report on it – learning as it goes. These files are then immediately blocked network-wide, meaning that no one in your organisation can accidentally trigger a security breach.

This highly efficient platform also detects delivery techniques and sites that host exploit kits and block suspicious web traffic.

With options built-in that allow us to integrate the product into your system whilst eliminating business interruption, Hyper Detect and Sandbox provide the ultimate defence against cyber-attacks.

Talk to us about how we can use innovative technology like this to protect your data and keep your systems running.

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