Did you know that businesses reported nearly twice as many data breaches in 2019 as they did in 2018? Worse still, the smart money says that cybercriminals will use the coronavirus crisis to accelerate the number and complexity of their attacks.

Research shows that a third of businesses don’t feel prepared to respond to a cyber-attack requiring them to report the loss of private customer information to the victims and regulators. Over half of businesses don’t believe they can respond to the theft of confidential business information and intellectual property.

Data protection should be an executive-level priority

The complexity of data protection and the strategies used to mitigate the risks can often mean that business executives fail to see the relevance and operational benefit of spending finite resources on the issue. By spelling out the business benefits, such as the cost of a data breach versus the cost of mitigating the risk, executive-level buy-in can help speed up the development and deployment of security defences and training.

Stop putting out fires, start removing the matches

A lack of proper planning can mean that many businesses become reactionary – dealing with issues as they arise rather than preventing them in the first place. But by creating a more strategic vision, supported by appropriate resources, companies can reduce the heartache, cost and reputational damage that a data breach can have.

Information is king

Your ability to prevent attacks should also allow you to collect as much information as possible – meaning you can fully understand your environment, what’s happening and where your greatest risk lies. Products with built-in automation and anomaly protection can help.  This allows you to prioritise resources to protect your most attacked areas.

Keep all the parts moving

This is not a “set and forget” operation. With all the information that is being collected, you’ll need to adapt your strategies regularly to make sure you are protecting yourself from the latest threats to your business. 

Speed up the engine

Now you are collecting data, improving and adapting your strategy, have organisational support from top to bottom, you need to keep the plates spinning faster. Security threats change and evolve rapidly, and so must the strategies you use to protect yourself. 

Do you need to make cybersecurity part of your business DNA – we can help.

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