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Smartphones and tablets are mobile devices that have transformed how we stay connected and work, with employees and companies becoming more reliant on mobile devices.

However, new risks have been introduced into the workplace as employees access communication channels like email, SMS messaging, apps and messaging apps. Many employees now have access to much of the same data (customer lists, banking details, employees’ personal data, billing information, etc.) and corporate systems (messaging, collaboration tools, ERPs, etc.) via their mobile devices as they would be sitting at a desktop in the office.

This means that the compromise of a mobile device can now pose a significant risk to customer data, intellectual property, and core systems.

Why Mobile Devices Need Protection:

Emails are still the number one attack medium for phishing attacks (90%) and 60% of emails are opened on mobile devices
18% of clicked phishing emails come from a mobile device.
79% of people admitted to using a work device for a personal task, such as checking personal email, shopping or streaming.

We Work With Bitdefender To Provide A Mobile Threat Defense

We protect mobile corporate-owned and Bring-Your-Own-Devices against modern attack vectors. It is designed with enterprise and personal privacy in mind, offering:

Mobile device Security and Privacy. High-quality cyber security protection on apps, web traffic and devices. The broad range of detection points to provide more granular control over compliance policies.
Device and platform agnostic security. It covers all 3 major platforms iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.
Risk minimisation. Detects mobile device vulnerabilities and out-of-compliance actions/settings.

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