Imagine a tool that quietly monitors the way you work and shows you a summary of how you spend your time. That’s just what Microsoft has done with MyAnalytics – a tool that sees the way you work, the tools you use and the people you collaborate with and privately reports back to you information that can help you be more focussed and more productive.

We all know how well Microsoft products help us be productive and collaborate in the workplace with our teams and external partners. We organise meetings in our Outlook calendar. We share documents via our business OneDrive. We communicate via email. We create spreadsheets and documents in Excel and Word and PowerPoint helps us get our message across.

Now imagine a tool that can collect and collate all this activity and report back to the end user how they spend their time over the course of their working week: we can show them how much time they spent responding to and generating emails; what proportion of their day they spend in meetings; and, where they reach their deep work peak.

Microsoft stopped imagining such a tool and launched MyAnalytics to show each user exactly this type of data. And it’s available right inside the tools you use every day – Outlook. You use your PC every day, and you use Microsoft tools to do your work – these tools quietly and privately monitor the way you work and what you do to give you important insights into how you spend your time. Just look to the right to see an example screen grab of info available to you. Remember, this tool has privacy built-in to its very core and only you can see your MyAnalytics dashboard.

Try it now and see what’s eating away at your valuable working week.

Think a tool like this could be helpful in your business? We offer Microsoft Office 365 packages that will give your team the insights they need to use their time efficiently.

Speak to us today about what we can do for you.

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