We know that you want your computer systems to ‘just work’. We can help you develop an IT plan that supports your business needs now and into the future.

IT projects come in all shapes and sizes from equipment upgrades, site relocations, virtualisation and cloud deployments. Whatever their complexity, we know they can sometimes be an overwhelming task for you.  With our knowledge and experience, we can help deliver these sensitive projects.

Strategy & System Design

Like many businesses, technology provides the backbone to what you do. Those systems need to be fast, flexible, reliable and fit-for-purpose. We understand this and can identify your needs to design and supply a system that supports your business.

Installs, Upgrades & Migrations

Any change to an IT infrastructure can seem daunting, we assist you by providing an insight into the efficiency of your IT system and give you an analysis of where improvements can be made. We can then manage the programme of improvements and changes that have been identified.


As a pivotal point for procurement, we can help source equipment or services by us or from other providers. An excellent example of this is our VoIP solution uses SoConnect, a business phone services provider that keep our customers’ connected with a reliable connection and a host of features.

Cyber Security Awareness

Bringing together three tools that help promote awareness and reduce the human cyber risk. Security Awareness Training helps create cultural change, engaging users on the role in cyber risk. Intelligent Phishing Simulations use practical examples to train your team on how to respond to these types of attack. Risk Reduction Data And Metrics is a data driven tool that helps you understand, measure and reduce the human cyber risk in your organisation.

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