We all know the importance of managing threats to our computers, data and network, so what if you could protect your business from these intrusions before they have a chance to cause damage?

An Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (EDR) solution prevents, detects and responds to sophisticated attacks that evade traditional anti-malware products. EDR platforms go beyond prevention methods by detecting attacks, investigating and responding. A good solution will provide valuable insights into the suspicious activities and indicators of compromise (IOCs), tracking live attacks, and enabling rapid response concluding in fast resolution, containment and remediation.

By recording detailed information about the setup and use of each endpoint within your network, EDR solutions are able to catalogue and analyse this data providing a searchable database of information that can highlight areas of concern. Sophisticated machine learning allows these systems to immediately trigger alerts when suspicious activity is identified and allows for quick action to be taken to ensure your systems remain secure and uncompromised.

At Lawrence Edwards, we recommend Bitdefender’s™ EDR solution, part of their number 1 ranked security suite. Talk to us to find out how easy it is to integrate this essential part of your cybersecurity defences.

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